Tired of Misleading Listings!

Buyers are so tired of receiving hundreds of ugly listings to look at. Many buyers are on a time schedule and need an agent that listens and understands what they are looking for. At Peterson Properties, we understand that you want to be heard and don’t want your time wasted sifting through listing after listing.

Whether you’re looking for a move-in ready home, a fixer, a home with a view, or a home with a large family room, we are here to match you with your criteria. We don’t just click a button and send our buyers a list of homes they aren’t interested in . We actually look through each listing and find what you are looking for before sending you any information . We want Customer Satisfaction! That’s why Peterson Properties is a 5-Star Brokerage and continues to be rated 5-Star by each and everyone of our clients.

So…if you don’t have hours scrolling through hundreds of listings you’re not interested in, let us do the work for you and make your dreams come true!!!